In years gone by, Predazzo was made up of just twelve farmsteads. Today it is the most highly populated town in Val di Fiemme. Also known as the “Geological Garden of the Alps”, Predazzo boasts the widest variety of geological specimens in the world in terms of rocks, minerals and fossils. The strategic position of the town offers endless possibilities for those who are looking for outdoor sporting activities such as rafting, horse riding, cycling, hiking, paragliding, alpine skiing, Nordic walking, and snow walking. The Val di Fiemme is also known as the “Valley of Harmony” because of its prized resonance spruces which are used in the making of soundboards for pianos and violins, sought after by Stradivari in the past and by luthiers from around the world today. The commitment to protecting these magical lands also includes providing sustainable choices for tourists, encouraging the use of bicycles, organizing car-free days, and proposing eco-friendly holidays for tourists with the help of the FiemmE-motion card and the Trentino Guest Card.


The FiemmE-motion card replaces the tourist tax, but despite being compulsory it holds many benefits for tourists visiting Val di Fiemme.
At a cost of €2,20 per day for adults (children free), the card offers you free use of public transport in Trentino, access to the summer lifts for the lenght of your stay for just 7,00 euro, entertainment for families, entrance to museums and parks, and discounts of up to 30% on a variety of services such as cycling, rafting, and equipment rental.


The Dolomite Mountains were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009 due to their inestimable beauty, their distinctive landscapes, and their particular geological characteristics.
These architectonic marvels play a leading role in Trentino.
The unique colour of the mountains is due to the presence of Dolomia rock, a small ecological miracle in its own right, which gives rise to the Enrosadira phenomenon. At sunrise and sunset, the peaks and summits of the Dolomite Mountains of Val di Fiemme, Val di Fassa, and Brenta take on a deep pink colour. This natural phenomenon makes the mountains a prized destination for hikers and romantics from around the world.
The UNESCO World Heritage Dolomite Mountains extend all through the region of Trentino to Veneto. Marmolada, Sassolungo, Latemar and Catinaccio are just a few of the most spectacular Dolomite peaks that you absolutely have to explore.

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